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Predictive Dialer:- 

A predictive dialer is an automated dialer that places phone calls even before the agents become available. It's scheduled to increase agents' efficiency by calling as many leads as possible. The system quickly moves on to the next executive after an unanswered call.

VoIP Predictive Dialer:-

A VoIP predictive dialer is a technology that allows call centers to make automated calls over the Internet. With this dialer, there is no need for a phone line, carrier, or even phone for that matter. An agent only needs a headset and an internet connection to complete their calls. Since this technology does not require much infrastructure, dial sessions can be conducted virtually anywhere.

VoIP Predictive Dialers use internet connections to make calls instead of analog telephone references.

VoIP stands for "Voice over Internet Protocol" and is a method of providing voice communication and multimedia sessions over the Internet. VoIP includes a range of hardware and software that boost making and receiving calls via the Internet.

VoIP Predictive Dialer work:-

Predictive dialers mechanically dial multiple numbers at once based on factors such as average call duration for the agent, and the campaign’s pre-set ratio. The dialer notes all busy signals and out-of-service numbers on the list. The system can distinguish between when a call is sent to voicemail and when it is answered. Calls that connect will be automatically transferred to call center agents to talk to respondents.

Why does your Company need a VoIP Predictive Dialer?

Improves Customer Satisfaction:-

The main goal of most call centers is to improve customer experience and VoIP predictive dialers help you do just that. As predictive dialers increase the potential for call centers to make and receive a much larger volume of calls, fewer customers are kept waiting in queue on call. Additionally, most predictive dialing software will have additional tools that help monitor and improve a call center’s performance, further improving customer service and customer experience.

Increases Agent and Call Center Productivity:-

A predictive dialer eliminates the need for manual dialing, which allows agents to focus on the tendency to call. This allows agents to answer or place multiple calls in the same time frame, increasing not only agent productivity but call center productivity as a whole.

Affordable to Set-up:-

VoIP predictive dialers do not require expensive setup and usually require a stable Internet connection and a device with predictive dialing software. These dialers are economical and highly cost effective as they bring many benefits to the call centers.

Cuts Unnecessary Costs:-

VoIP predictive dialers help call centers cut down on unnecessary costs by easily automating redundant and everyday tasks such as dialing and call scheduling.

Features of Avyukta Intellicall Dialer:-

  •  Inbound ACD
  •  Single Tree IVRS
  •  Scalable to hundreds of seats (wrt single/multiple server capabilities)
  •  Conference/Flashback/Transfer/TPV/TPC
  •  Barge/Barge in Whisper/Snoop
  •  Custom Disposition (Both Cyclic and Non-Cyclic)
  •  Default Agent/Admin CRM/MIS/Pop Up/Custom Dispositions/Pause Codes/Custom Scripts/DND/URL Pass
  •  Real Time Monitoring
  •  Integrated call recording with required nomenclature
  •  10+ Comprehensive Default Reports (30+ others wrt process)
  •  Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling (Multi campaigned)
  •  Scheduled Call-backs (with calendar scheduling)
  •  Scheduled call backs on Same Agent-Only and Anyone/ACD
  •  IVRs (Voicemail boxes and VM to EM as custom)
  •  Single-Multi Campaign / Agent
  •  Comprehensive call detail records (CDRs)
  •  Blended Login and Agent CRM Pop Up update on Commenting and fields*

About Avyukta Intellicall:-

Avyakt Intellicall is one of the fastest growing telecom service providers in India and across the world. We provide you the best termination quality at the most affordable prices available in the market from the complete call center vendors. We provide VoIP telecommunications service to carriers, callshops, resellers, call centers and other VoIP service providers. Getting started with us is very quick and hassle free.

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For further information and queries, feel free to visit our website: www.dialervoip.in or email us on: sales@dialervoip.in or call us on: +91-856-0000-600 ; +1-408-791-3820


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