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Hosted VoIP Dialer Service:-

VoIP phone system:-

The only difference between a regular telephone system and a VoIP phone system is that Voice over IP uses the internet rather than a telephone network to make phone calls.

Some VoIP phone systems are just standalone voice contacts solutions. Others are part of unified contacts suites, suggesting they're bundled with:-
  • Audio conferencing
  • Email
  • Video conferencing
  • SMS
  • Messaging functionalities

VoIP calling work:-

Old-fashioned phones use copper wires and simple old telephone services to connect calls. Standard mobile telephony works by having phones send radio waves to a local cell tower, which then connects to the cellular network to transfer calls in the form of sound waves.

VoIP systems convert your analog voice sounds into digital signals rather than radio. Those digital signals are then delivered to the person you're talking to in the form of data over your broadband connection.

Cloud VoIP :- 

Cloud-based VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that's deployed with the help of cloud technology. With this setup, your call routing is processed in a data center. In other words, it’s managed off-site, by an external company.

Cloud VoIP - sometimes used interchangeably with the term "hosted VoIP" - is cheaper than its option (on-premises VoIP). That makes it more viable for small businesses, which typically have more budget constraints.

The thing that differentiates the two types of VoIP calling is where the call routing is initiated. On-premises VoIP relies on a switch that gets installed in your office. This setup's entirely feasible for large businesses and enterprises, since they’ll be able to afford the equipment necessary to meet the demands of their VoIP tools. The same can't be said for more modestly-sized companies.

Hosted VoIP Services:-

Hosted VoIP services provide communication solutions using hardware that is located outside the users' environment. In other words, hosted VoIP phone systems work through devices located outside your actual office.

Often, a VoIP service provider will host that equipment. They usually store them in their data center. This allows hosted VoIP providers to use their service without requiring you to install expensive hardware in your office, which is especially useful for small businesses or organizations that need a lot to maintain their VoIP solutions. Don't want to dedicate all the resources.

Benefits of our Hosted VoIP Dialer:-

Low Cost Per Call:-

Combo Models:- Combo Models of Unlimited VoIP Hosted Dialer Solution
CRM Integration:- All Dialer CRM integrations are possible with CRM’s such as Zoho, SugarCRM, Salesforce, Vtiger and many more.

Value Proposition:-

Customization on VoIP solutions, integration with custom switches and tools such as A2Billing, 3CX, and Elastix, predictive/auto dialer software, CRM/MIS integration to ultimately help esteemed clients in profit generation for their respective companies. All modifications aspire towards offering the end-user vast experience and their eventual customers.
In addition to dialer customization, we offer features such as Masking, OTP lead/recording security / Sticky Agent / TPV / Hot Transfer, and Automated TL.

End to End CRM:-

Modern Hosted VoIP dialers also have CRM / MIS integration capabilities that organize and manage client and customer databases and records. All relevant customer data is available on the screen of the calling agents, which eliminates the need to take and manage notes, and an Omni platform where all in under a single roof/tab for the agent right from Lead Management to ticketing and customer care.

Support - Our USP:-

Support services provided by a vendor play a vital role when you buy a hosted VoIP dialer. We take care of this thing and always focus on satisfying our customers at every point in time whenever you need us. Not only reactive actions but proactive monitoring strives us to be the best value for money vendor across the globe.

We provide 24*7 Customer Support by highly-trained engineers who are ready to answer your queries or help you configure and solve your issues as soon as possible.

Benefits That Using Hosted VoIP Solutions Provides:-

  • Easy call management with any features you need, including Caller ID for all incoming calls
  • Cost savings, since you'll already have internet connectivity and only pay a set fee each month to use your new phone system
  • Compatibility with either the IP (Internet Protocol) phone you already have or your mobile device and personal computer
  • Fixed pricing that doesn't change when you make long distance calls.
  • High scalability, since you don’t need to install additional hardware to scale up, so it’s much easier, faster, and more affordable.

Uses for Hosted VoIP Solutions:-

Contact/call center solution:- There is no better technology than the one for a contact center that lets agents provide customer support to callers anywhere in the world. Hence Hosted VoIP is a great solution for call centers. It also helps that there are no extra charges for things like call forwarding or call recording.

International Calling:- No matter where you and your co-workers or customers are located, the best VoIP providers will not charge a high international calling rate. This means that inter-country calls will cost no more than local calls, and that VoIP is suitable for any business that may need to make or take international calls.

Unified business communications:-  Using your hosted VoIP solution like a phone service tool is best. What’s even better is operating it as part of a unified platform for your communication requirements. That way, you can talk to someone, make conference calls, and handle other business communications all in one place.

Third-Party Integrations:-  With hosted VoIP systems, you can easily integrate calls with existing business tools. It’s much more complicated with traditional phone systems. You would need additional hardware and specialized software to bridge the void.

Since voice-over IP is digital, integration is much simpler. For example, you can automatically sync call data with your existing CRM software.

Hosted VoIP Features:- 

Hosted VoIP provides all the necessary call center features. From call queues to auto attendants, it provides everything your team needs:

  • Toll-free phone numbers
  • Local phone numbers
  • Find me, follow me
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Auto attendant
  • Conference calls
  • Mobile app
  • Advanced call analytics
  • HD call quality

Avyukta Intellicall has proven itself over the last 14 years in providing quality tele calling and customized CRM/MIS integration in India. Offering various techno-commercial options for Call Center and BPO like - Buy with Free Dialer, EMI, Rental, Unlimited Dialer Seats, Hosted Dialer, Hosted PBX, Predictive Dialer Call Center, Sangoma, Digium, Allo, PreCard, Sinway , Dinstar, GSM Gateway, free PRI card with dialer rental/EMI model for inbound outbound domestic and international processes.

We offer various Techno-Commercial Options such as Unlimited VoIP Combo, Retail VoIP, Hosted Call Center Dialer, Predictive Dialer Software for International Call Centers, Retail VoIP for International Call Centers, Hosted VoIP and Voice Broadcasting.

For further information and queries, please visit our website: or call us on:  +91-856-0000-600 ; +1-408-791-3820 or WhatsApp Us on: +91-856-0000-600 or Skype Us on: avyuktaindia


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