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Avyukta Intellicall - VoIP Services Provider in India:-

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol or IP telephony- a technology that manages the delivery of voice information over the internet. Avyukta Intellicall is one of India's best VoIP service providers due to the quality of service and 24/7 instant support offered. Our company has addressed VoIP in the best possible manner, which has made us the market leader today. We are the most preferred name for VoIP services by top-notch businesses, corporates, enterprises, contact centers, and individuals in India. 

We provide proven and customized solutions for any enterprise making international calls for business development, quality assurance, and inter and intraoffice communications. Avyukta Intellicall has its own infrastructure with multiple VoIP switches in India and abroad, which supports without downtime for the service offered to the customers. By choosing Avyukta IntelliCall VoIP and Internet telephony, businesses can avoid the tolls charged by normal telephone services.

Avyukta Intellicall VoIP Solutions:-

  • Call Analytics to glean insightful reports of your businesses to make timely improvements and take objective business conclusions.
  • Caller ID to display the business number of the caller to the recipient. The service may show your company name connected with a business phone number or a Calling Name Display.
  • Recording of all calls to monitor, control quality management and performance review.
  • Call Forwarding and advanced call routing and CRM integrations to stay in touch with your clients from any place irrespective of your vendors being busy or unreachable.

Why is Avyukta as VoIP provider/vendor when so many direct and cheap VoIP routes are available?

Avyukta Intellicall is hooked up with almost all A-Class ISP to provide VoIP services Single Vendor Coordination to avoid the blame game. All solutions are under one roof with one provider for hassle-free operation and coordination. Combo commercial packages for ease of accounting and management. Many direct providers do not offer custom models such as unlimited combo and retail combo. Our pay-as-you-go combo models include free dialer / free auto dialer/hosted dialer services with a simple recharge model. The point mentioned above means that few vendors can provide backup routes enabled upon dial prefixes on dialer campaigns for fail-safe mode.

What VoIP solution shall I choose for international calls?

VoIP is one of the best means for international calling for Call Centers and Corporates, We are not only one of the leading but one of the best VoIP service providers and vendors offering VoIP services to Resellers, startups, Micros, SMEs s, Call Centers, and Enterprises for IT / BPO s for International Calling. We Offer Unlimited or Retail VoIP Minutes with A / A + Grade routes for all VoIP destinations. You can make International calls to Top destinations such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and many more.

What are cheap VoIP services for International calling for foreign destinations?

We provide economic ( if not cheap ) VoIP services for International calling for multiple destinations such as the UK, US, Canada, Australia and many others. We would never want the client to drop a 100 USD sales for that 1 Cent difference in VoIP prices and thus integrate all possible backup routes for plan Bs and fail-safe modes.

What are the Fair Usage Policies applicable for Unlimited VoIP Models?

Nothing in the universe is unlimited. We prefer clients to have full throttle calling but have policies where the drop ratio should be below 3%. In worst-case scenarios where Unlimited models exceed even our BEP levels, clients are addressed and requested for a Model migration until possible. However, commitments are adhered to in worst-case scenarios for the amount already paid by the client.

Advantages of Avyukta VoIP Solutions:-

  • Better Productivity
  • Auto Attendant
  • Easy Portability
  • User-Friendly
  • Global Calling in Local Charges

Avyukta Intellicall's A+ Grade VoIP Minutes Solutions provide an edge over traditional phone systems since it facilitates multiple functionalities, call forwarding, laptop call, voice mail, fax, etc. A+ Grade VoIP solutions foster business pursuits, whether small-scale industry or Fortune 500 businesses. We provide Call Center Software Solutions & IVR. There are several other features and capabilities of VoIP. One important aspect is SIP trunking. SIP trunking allows you to use VoIP to call and receive calls from PSTN lines and mobile phones. Since this technology is software-based, it allows for many of the controls to be given to the user through a web portal, unlike traditional phone systems.

For further information and queries, please visit our website: www.dialervoip.in or call us on:  +91-856-0000-600 ; +1-408-791-3820 or WhatsApp Us on: +91-856-0000-600 or Skype Us on: avyuktaindia


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